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Heidi*, who is a petite blonde, adjusts her goggles to her face and carefully slides in the small metal grill with a tiny disc of blue. This blue disc is a dial from one of Jaquet-Droz's Baselworld-2018 novelties: the Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara. It has a "plique a jour" enamel dial - a technique which uses enamel on a special basis to look like stained glass windows in great cathedrals. She sets her phone's timer for two minutes. This is the third firing of her dial, and her completing this process.

She explains the delicate nature of enamel: The glass powder must fill the metal frames of the dials (in this instance, the dial is shaped like a tiger face). It then melts in an oven set to 700deg Celsius but it has to adhere properly to the metal frames. Heidi fixes the dial after it has cooled, adding more enamel to the frame. Heidi makes sure that all gaps are filled, and the enamel is the correct consistency and color. The process takes several rounds. The process is long and meticulous,Mido Replica Watches which can be affected by even the slightest changes. "Anything could affect the outcome -- humidity in the air or the weather outside. Or my mood," she says. Heidi, along with the entire Jaquet-Droz team at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, works in a highly controlled environment. She continues, "You can imagine how many factors could affect the outcome of a dial. In the 18th century, craftsmen did this type of work by burning the dials, and they relied on their instincts."

Heidi removes the dial from the oven after the timer has rung. As she removes the grill that holds the dial, a wave of heat is released from the oven. She leaves it to cool. The dial, which had been opaque with powder in the oven, now has beautiful translucent shades of blue. My untrained eyes can't see any gaps. It's an amazing effect. The colors look vibrant and almost alive. This technique has been used for centuries.

The word "emerveille," which roughly translates to "astonish," is often used by Jaquet-Droz employees. This is something that the brand does with all of their metiers d’art pieces. Mido Replica Watches's Automata collection and Ateliers d’Art pieces are designed to take your breath away.Omega Replica This is the same craftsmanship that Pierre Mido Replica Watches used in the 18th Century.

Turning Tradition into Art

The Jaquet-Droz family, who were masters of grand feu enamel, pioneered the delicate ornamental techniques which elevated their clocks' artistic status in the 18th century. They were masters of grand feu enamel and became well-known for their intricate miniature paintings, paillons enamels, and miniature sculptures.

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